Change of Ownership Announcement - Meet Clare & Darron


This is not one persons job or role. We are all responsible, we all encounter risks everyday, we are all safety leaders.

Safety Leaders

Typically there are multiple contractors onsite, risks cannot be managed in isolation.  

Collectively we can manage or mitigate risks.  Makes sense right?

Encourage, empower and participate = engaged.  Not rocket science!


Safe Work Method Statement or Job Safety Analysis

This is NOT about ticking boxes!  Simple preparation for work site safety ensures we all get home safe.

1. Collaboration with Clients pre-site visit 'headsup' on hazards. 
2. Site arrival, update on any changes - share with team, sweet.

Toolbox talk

Keeping our staff, fellow contractors and public safe is foremost in all we do, every day. 
Toolbox talk on the way to site is how we roll.  Like most jobs, what we do doesn't change much, but where and how we approach the job must. 

Every site will differ i.e. have it's own unique challenges and exposure to risks.

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