Change of Ownership Announcement - Meet Clare & Darron


New Ownership Announcement

A huge thank you to all our loyal customer over the last thirteen plus years, it’s been a pleasure to work alongside you all.  I am bowing out now, and excited to announce the new owners of 360 Fence Hire.   Clare & Darron will be taking over on the 1st of November 2022.  They are looking to continue with the same high-quality service, products and brand without disruption. 

To ensure a seamless transition, I will remain involved with 360 Fence Hire, for most of November and into early December.  The staff will continue on, providing continuity and support through this hand-over. All contact details will remain the same.

In the coming weeks, Clare will be in touch with you regarding customer payments and supplier relationships.  For clarity, there will be no payment/billing changes for (services received) in the month of October.  An acknowledgement of Clare’s and Darron’s new company, via the T’s & C’s (which remain the same) will also be communicated.

Darron and Clare are keen to meet you all, happy to do some one-on ones, or simply a chat on the phone. Otherwise, we’ll likely catch-up with some of you when we’re onsite over the next 4 to 6 weeks.


Kevin, Clare and Darron