Change of Ownership Announcement - Meet Clare & Darron

Security Fencing

No one wants to see a half million dollar construction build with cruddy old rusty fencing around the property.  Most of our stock is less than 2 years old i.e. shinny and clean!

Crowd Control Barriers

(aka Bike rack fencing).  Primarily used at special events, concerts, sports games etc.  Fully hot dipped galvanized

Swimming Pool Fencing

Get that para pool out in summer and wrap our COMPLIANT temporary swimming pool fence around it. (Schedule 1, Building Code, Clause F9)

Prestige Loos Partnership

Prestige Loos - Saving The World From The Bottom Up

You can now order your portaloos through 360 Fence Hire

Dog Fencing

Use our pool fencing, for the smaller dogs, or our re-purposed security fencing