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Temporary Fencing: Outdoor events are finally back – crowd control barriers are perfect for events!

New Zealand is now in the Orange – this means the risk to our public health system has been reduced and there are no longer capacity limits indoors or outdoors. Controlled-access events such as auctions, cinemas, concert venues, conferences, commercial recreational activities, private galleries, sporting events and stadiums can now go ahead. These events involve ticketing, registration or another way to control access.  Crowd control barriers are ideal for directing your punters to where they need to go.

Outdoor community gatherings that are open to the public and do not require tickets or registration must follow the rules for gatherings.

Venues can have multiple defined spaces in one facility but must have systems and processes in place to ensure as reasonably practicable that the groups using the space still maintain physical distancing. There can be separate entryways or staggered entry and exit times.

To maintain public health safety, barriers are needed to direct crowds and keep the traffic moving. People can just have fun and be safe if large crowds are managed properly. For these large gatherings, it is best to install temporary fencing for several reasons. Fencing ensures your event remains controlled, private, and free from roaming eyes. Fencing at large events ensures the safety and protection of participants. Temporary fencing can also be used to organise parking spaces.

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360 Fence Hire is your source of crowd control barriers, aka bike rack fencing! We offer heavy-duty temporary fencing panels that are designed for regular use. We also offer building barriers, pool fencing, and dog fence for residential homes in case you need them! Sing out if you have any questions.

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