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Dog Fence NZ: What kind of dog fence is best for you

Dog Fence

Part of having a dog is being responsible for their safety and installing a dog fence is a great way to make sure your furbaby doesn’t escape. As dog owners, you know it’s not easy to teach dogs to stay on your property without a leash. Dogs are considered family and losing a furry friend can be a total nightmare. The mere thought of them wandering away and not finding their way back can be terrifying that’s why many dog owners are anxious about keeping an eye on their canine friends.  This can be particularly challenging when you renting a property.

You don’t need to worry about a wandering dog again! All you need to do is get a dog fence or contained area installed and get your peace of mind without having to leash your dog and make them feel suffocated. There are several hazards if your furbaby escapes your property, busy streets with high traffic on the roads, speeding cars, and the threat of street dogs attacking them.

What kind of dog fence do you need?

It can be quite tricky to know what kind of dog fence you’ll need. You should know how tall your dog fence should be based on the breed of the dog and how active the dog is. Your dog fence must be at least three times the height of your dog at the shoulder. This is important especially if your dog is territorial or aggressive.

Our team at 360 Fence Hire often install our fences to keep dogs safe, utilising our security or pool fencing. Ideal if you're renting because they're temporary!  Quick to install and more importantly a cost-effective solution.  Take them with you when you leave the property. No damage or permanent fixtures to the property, keeping you and your landlord happy! Again, perfect if you’re replacing your existing fence or when making alterations, get a temporary dog fence  Alternately, we have several options to make these semi-permanent too.

Get in touch to discuss how we can keep your dog where it should be - on your property.

360 Fence Hire will have a temporary fence solution to help you protect your dogs. They can run and play as much as they want within the safety of your property. No matter how much you love your dogs, no one can give their undivided attention for hours to their dogs. Without a fence, you would live with the fear that your dogs might wander away.

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