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Temporary Fencing: Pool fencing regulations in New Zealand

If you’re planning to build a swimming pool in your home, you need to know the pool fencing regulations in New Zealand. In case you didn’t know, temporary pool fencing is required during the construction of swimming pools.

Pool fencing rules are designed to keep children safe from the water where they can drown if left unattended. However, whether children reside at a property or not, all pools need to erect approved fencing and gates. Check the NZ Building Code Guidance to Pool Fencing and ask your local council about the laws that pertain to your region.

Pool fence requirements

The pool fence must be at least 1.2 meters in height and the clearance or gap under the fence and spacing of vertical bars must not exceed 100mm.

Pool gate requirements

Pool gate design and installation can be more complex than the fence, though. All gates and doors used as an entry to the pool area must open away from the pool area and must be clear of any obstruction that could be used for holding the gate or door open. Gates and doors must be fitted with a latch, which must be 1.5m above the ground and be able to self-latch when the gate swings closed. These must automatically close shut as well.

Pool fencing

Keep everyone safe by erecting a safety perimeter around your swimming pool. Our temporary fencing system is fully compliant with all the various regulations and building permits around swimming pool construction or refurbishment. Our swimming pool temp fence is simple to install and dismantle whilst being very secure and solid.

360 Fence Hire

Our heavy-duty temporary fencing panels are designed for long life and regular use. We offer a complete temporary fencing system that’s very cost-effective, versatile, and stable. Just so you know - temporary fencing panels are used not only to secure private property, but also construction sites, major public events, concerts, sports, festivals and gatherings, parking and sports venues, and road work. Interested to hire? Find out more about our temporary fence hire or give us a buzz for a quote!

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