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Temporary Fencing: When to use

Temporary fencing or temp fencing is fencing that can be easily installed and removed as they are not permanent. Temporary fencing is used when permanent fencing is not feasible or when the fence will be used only for a short period of time.

Construction fencing

Industries such as construction, building renovations, and property development works can be hazardous areas to anyone who’s unfamiliar with these workplaces. In fact, cars and pedestrians are required by law to be separated from these areas. Fence screens and temporary fencing not only ensure safety, but they also make construction areas more aesthetically pleasing.

If you’re working on a construction project, there are many reasons you would need to install a temporary fence. One of these is security. NZ laws require temporary fencing to ensure public and construction worker safety. Fencing is also a good way to keep thieves and undesirables out of the property, especially with all the expensive construction equipment and supplies in it.

Fencing can help ensure that everyone in the area is safe from the hazards of moving equipment, unfinished buildings, and uneven ground, among others. There could be consequences if temporary fencing is not properly used on construction sites. Keep in mind that insurance companies would want to limit liability.

Crowd control barriers (aka bike rack fencing)

Another important use of temporary fencing is crowd control safety. During large events, these barriers are needed to direct crowds and keep the traffic moving. People can just have fun and be safe if large crowds are managed properly.

If you’re planning events, small or large, e.g. concerts, weddings, sporting activities; it might be best to install temporary fencing for several reasons. Fencing ensures your event remains private and free from unwanted distractions. Fencing at large events ensures the safety and protection of participants. Temporary fencing is perfect to delineate the difference between safe and hazardous areas.  Or more importantly, those areas where paying customers are invited and welcome to remain.

Temporary Fencing

360 Fence Hire is your Wellington temporary fence solution provider! We offer heavy-duty temporary fencing panels that are designed for regular use. We also offer pool fencing and dog fence for residential homes in case you need them! Sing out if you have any questions.

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