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Temporary Fencing: Building site fencing requirements

Temporary fencing is a good way to provide a visual signal to traffic and pedestrians that there is a construction site nearby where dangerous work may be taking place. Temporary fencing also confines the hazards and danger within the site as well, preventing unauthorised entry from people who are not properly geared or trained on safety practices.

There are no NZ standards for temporary fencing systems but the 2014 NZ Building Code mentions some construction site performance standards and fencing requirements. According to the NZ Building Code, where construction or demolition work presents a hazard in places to which the public has access, barriers shall be provided and shall:

  • Be of appropriate height and construction to prevent site hazards from harming traffic or passersby
  • Be difficult to climb,
  • Have no opening other than those approved by the territorial authority for access and viewing,
  • Have no gates or doors which project beyond the site when opened,
  • Contain no projection that would be a hazard to traffic or people, and
  • Be clearly marked where the barrier itself may otherwise present a hazard to traffic or passersby.

Worksafe NZ provides building site fencing requirements under the Public Safety in the Guidelines for the Provision of Facilities and General Safety in the Construction Industry as well. It says excavations [must be] fenced, and, if they are likely to retain water, are covered and securely fenced to prevent access for children. If in public places, they should have warning signs and warning lights at night.

Adequate security of the site [must] be provided during non-working periods. This involves ensuring excavations and openings are covered or fenced, materials are stacked safely, plant immobilised, and ladders removed or lowered to the ground.

If you’re unsure whether you should buy or hire your temporary fencing, give us a bell and our team will help you with whatever information you would need to make a cost-effective and informed decision. 360 Fence Hire has a wide variety of temporary fence products that can meet your fencing obligations, so let’s chat and tell us what you’re looking for! 

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